Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kids Day in Thailand

Parade music, trumpets and drums interrupted my sweet Saturday morning slacking nap...Ake reassures with a bored voice that it's Kids Day again!

Great! I grab my cup of green tea (I'm developing a small addiction here), my camera and run off to the ice cream stalls. Ahhh, the proud parents. I'm in a priviledged position: there's enough crowd roaming through the stalls to go unnoticed and all parents are more than willing to cooperate and promote their kids.

...future Miss Thailand...

...and they lived happily ever after...aaaah!

...could crying work for another ice cream?

Bee Bee Dee Bo Bee Dee Booo

...oh,'s too early for drama, kiddo! Wait couple of years!

But Ma'! Com'on Ma!

A penny for your thoughts!..oh, dear! what a puckered up face!?

...and the tooth pick...that would be a law suit for bad parenting in US!


Anonymous said...

Extraordinari de frumosi, dragutzii de ei,asteptam si noi unul, he.. he.. he..

Michael Comglas said...

Even i'm not a kid anymore i still enjoy kid day....

Well, i like your picture so much that's natural action

Anonymous said...

nice photoblog, i like your photos...nice..