Monday, February 20, 2006

Barefoot in the Park

Well, no! Baaad idea in Thailand, barefooting that is. There are hundreds of snake species that live here and 90% are venemous. Still, going to the Rod Fai Park was a real treat. We hired bikes for the day and went off riding and taking photos.

Funny enough there were several photo shootings at the site. I had no idea how many people work in the business. There must have been at least 20, the photographer, the fashion designer, the gay make - up artist, 4-5 models (foreign models in this case), all terribly skinny (my granny would have them beaten with the stick, and I'm not being gealous here ;)) and 10 caryboys loading the stuff from spot to spot.

On Sunday we felt less adventurous so we ran to the movies. CRASH was playing so we got tickets and we were in. I truly loved it. It's one of those movie that's one step next to everyday reality, avoiding really well the Hollywoodian make-overs of life.


Anonymous said...

Great Macro here! I suppose Ake took your portrait. That's the right angle for you.:)

Anonymous said...


Really nice photos, Carmen you look very good in the picture. Hope you guys are ok.