Friday, February 24, 2006

Koh Kred - The Pottery Village - Chapter I

This hidden jewel is on an island in the Bangkok Delta, some km away from Bangkok. It's an unspoiled little place where "the old ways" are very much vibrant. It felt like a trip back in time, moments when you just wanna sit a watch the world go by... I spotted my grandmas old sewing machine in one of the houses, 50 year old bikes, candles and rows after rows of pottery houses and old clay ovens. It was being back in my grandma's village, watching her bake bread in the clay oven...ahh, the smell, the taste...add a glass of wine, and there you have it: Heaven!

We loved watching this boy at was getting towards the sunset by then, we'd just finished a full trek around the island (5 km), the heat exaustion was beginng to take it toll, so, sitting by the river and hanging out with the guy was absolutely brilliant!


C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Do you retouch these pics in Photoshop to saturate colours?

Carmen said...

These ones, no! That's cause the light was so good that time of need to :). The only thing I adjusted was the contrast....a tiny bit...Carmen:)

Anonymous said...

really nice shots! the light make them look more antique. And, did you help villager by buying some? :)