Thursday, February 16, 2006

Swimming Relays

Rule No 1 with kids: You always have to come up with something new! If you can, you're on the road to heaven...otherwise...the little guy with two red horns will get you...muaha ha ha ha.

They're like sponges absorbing in a flash what you thought it's gonna last for couple of hours, and there you are on the spot "what's next!?". Good thing is: YOU NEVER GET BORED!!! And if your tired neurons can't come up with anything else, there's always the "everyone gather around MR. Richard for the next game!" That's right, throwing the hot potato around!

So there we were, an entire week: chewing gum relays, treasure hunts, balloon relays, polo, water rugby!!! Little hearts popping with energy and excitment.

Between cheers, tears and exaustion we had a fab time!!! Tommorrow's THE our hearts for medals.


Anonymous said...

Foarte reusite poze ,copilasi extraordinar de dragutzi. Ce amintiri placute din vremea cand ne balaceam si noi!Va pupam!

Anonymous said...

Cool photos , eh?! They remind me of the summer times in Estes.