Monday, February 06, 2006


I'm adding up the days - 37!...It hasn't rained in Bangkok this year yet. The heat's been pilling up over all of us, the smog, the pollution. One good thing: Hurray..I'm in a warm pool! I mean...heaven!

We've been on Ginseng dopping since 29 th of January, a Chinese custom which fits me perfectly, cause it tastes like bitter coffee. I admit, I missed the sweet nectar of life!:) It does make your blood boil and you may need several shots of icy water to cool off, but it's supposed to be the "secret" of longevity, so, what the heck..I'll live to be 100!-:)

The Chinese New Year isn't over any new year celebrations, it tends to eat as much working days as possible, but since I still have to get to work dealing with the traffic gets ugly.

It all looks better if you have a photo camera in your hands. All the little glitches, daily misfortunes and minor catastrophies become "great opportunities"...I bet most people that got swallowed up by the tsunami waves were photographers...

But the best news of all is that my granpa will SEE again....thanks to modern medicine getting to Romania and a dedicated doctor.


Anonymous said...

Still, the Dog year feels better than the hectic Rooster. Keep it light on a ginseng before you'll explode.

Hash said...

Interesting insight into your world. The celebrations of the Chinese new year. Over here in Bavaria, the weather is just cold and snowing!