Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dinner and a softie bulldog

You know how most cultures have sayings about women that cook well as having the world at their feet. (e.g.The army marches by the stomach.(Chinese); The old hen makes the soup good. (Romanian)). After last night, I'm all for it! Ahh, all the dignified jokes about how we gotta be modern women and stuff..naaah!...The truth is, a great meal is the sure way to do it. Of course my kids will hate me for it...I'm turning into mom here...

So, there we were indulging in delicacies at Rich and Sarah place. As it turns out Sarah is this fantastic cook. I'm not too bad myself but she's the Angelina Jolie of cooks. Lasagna, mediteranean feta cheese salad (YUUUUM!), garlic bread...all with the right drinks, a good chat and lots of laughs over the world's most soft hearted bulldog - the rough on the outside, soft on the inside combination...we had such a good time..they finally kicked us out at midnight.

Old Romanian courtesy implies flowers when you're invited for dinner, a French imported custom I think. So, I went to this nice flower shop, picked up a bunch of cream/green roses and asked the lady to wrap'em up. Remember that scene in LOVE ACTUALLY when Roward Atkinson wraps up the golden necklace?...Well, it was exactly like that! A 15 min wrapping symphony, layers of fancy paper, ribbon, glitter, the works..he he he...loved watching it!

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