Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fruit Shakes

One of the advantages of living in Thailand is that, whether you like it or not you'll be stuffing yourself with fruit nearly every day. They're everywhere: fruit shakes (Thais love these with lots of ice, but foreigners mostly feel they're cheated fruit-wise??? I like it the Thai way, but that's me!), cold fruit in a bag, fruit ice cream, fruit popsicle, freshly squeezed fruit juice...aaaaahhhh. Lots to choose and most of them, year long available.

I prepared the most humble pair of eyes, walked down, and asked the lady seeling fruit on the street: "Mam, can I take few photos, my mom in Romania would like to see what fruits you have in Thailand". Being cute never fails with the Thais, and there I was shooting away with my Nikon.


Anonymous said...

Mai, mai, mai, ce apetisante sant , ne lasa gura apa! he... he... Va pupam!

heather said...

I like your fruit pictures. It must be great to be able buy fresh fruit off of the street!