Sunday, February 12, 2006

Going to April

I'm buzzing around with excitment since Northern Vietnam popped out of the 'where to go next?' Box. We each wrote down 2 rules and picked the place that went along with all that.
Rule no 1 : "Must be out of Thailand." (cause we're frying now)
Rule no 2 : "Must be cold." (Ake, naturally)
Rule no 3 : "Must be able to live on 30-40 euros/day, both." (that nailed Japan for us)
Rule no 3 : "Must be within a 5 hour flight."

Air Asia is well anchored in the area so finding flight tickets is as easy as pie. In fact it all settles at 4000 baht (100 dollars) a head/roundtrip to Hanoi.

So, let's talk, Vietnam...
The legend says the country was the gentle outcome of the Union between the King of the Sea and The Princess of the Mountains, and well, my friends that have traveled there are ready put their hearts down for North Vietnam. It's magical, they say! The South apparently is becoming a little too industrial and finds harder to impress after visiting North. We've got only 8 days, so we'll stick to North.

Most people say though, it feels the country is just now finding its peace. The past reality meant for Vietnam 1000 years of Chinese occupation AC, followed by the benefits of French collonial times (19th century - WWII), and the North-South War involving who else, but US for 8 bloody years. 1991 meant for Vietnam exactly what 1989 meant for Romania, the end of communism and the beginning of something in between all systems...In Romania it seems to be going in the right direction, so I trust it must be the same for Vietnam, fingers crossed :)...As I Romanian, I should fit right in...and Ake, well, he can fit basically anywhere...

I'm doing my Vietnam homework now. I've circled so far Halong Bay, Paradise Lake, Hanoi and the Temple of Literature, marked several Frech bakeries in Hanoi, the temple on the lake.

Many many many thanks to Norma for her ever so well spoken backparerish insights on Hanoi and Halong Bay...Next weeked I'll get another dose of stories on Vitenam cause I'm gonna be seeing her photos..The sad part is, we have 2 more months to go, cause our holiday is in April.:(((..I've already got ichy feet!

Here's some great links to check out Vietnam on:

Geographica - Vietnam
Wikipedia - North Vietnam
Lonely Planet - Vietnam

and Paradise Lake, photo by Steve.


Anonymous said...

Totally recoomend Hanoi...some really smart coffee places, women wearing pointy hats. Great photos there!

Felix said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Carmen -- I haven't been back to Estes Park, CO for awhile but it is indeed gorgeous. Anyhow, your photography is stunning -- I look forward to reading more about your Vietnam trip as I plan on going there with a former co-worker this December. Have a good time overseas and keep up the great work. -felix, of

C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Hey, sounds great. It wouldn't fit me though because
1. It's not within 5 hours flight of London
2. After this never ending winter, I'm surely not looking for something cold!!
3. Not enough holidays :-((

Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a great trip over there.