Tuesday, February 21, 2006


..the most venerated flower of Asia...To Buddha the lotus was so beautiful, rising its high blossom from the muddy water - the elighted one in a world of ignorant beings.

A closed blossom means potential, an opened one however changes meaning according to the number of petals. An eight petal lotus means harmony. More than eight equals the road to spiritual revelation. At the end of the road, there it stands graciously, the 1000 petals lotus to tell you, you've made it! Good luck to us all!

Naturally, in Asia, the lotus helps to feed the millions. I've had it only in the Chinese Moon Cake (seeds). I may be on a black list here, but it's not one of my favorites.:P..I love the buds, but no luck, they all bloomed by the time we were there.

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C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

So asians eat their way into Enlightment? :-)

You can imagine Buddha by a lake, explaining in a silent peaceful voice:
"Lotus is the key to enlightment..."
And the disciples start gazing in reverence, smelling it and one in the back:
"Hey, and it's delicious too!"