Friday, February 03, 2006

The Experience is in The EATING

The humble hawker is a very traditional and characteristic figure all over Thailand, offering home(street) made specialties at ridiculously low prices.

One (mis)conception to hawker's food is that most of of them are unhygenic. This depends on the outlook and one's sophistication, but undeaniably there is bound to be some litter on the floor, squeaky chairs, dodgy display of chicken and heaps of unwashed plates.

Still, if millions of locals are happily gobbling down street noodles daily, surely it would not be clinically disastrous for a visitor to have a go....So, DIG IN!!!:)

Needles to say, I'm very fond ot it..proundly presenting my latest discovery...rice cakes with sesame and sugar(Thai - GA RO JI). Deeeelish!

One of my favorite things in Asia..from the tiny bits I've seen of it...Lanterns. What can I say: I'm a candle girl!:)


Lucian Simionesei said...

frumoase interesante...

Michael Comglas said...

Ga Lo Gi! Yes I like it too