Monday, March 13, 2006

13 Lucky March

It's our 1 year aniversary today...and my last statement on the subject still stands "being married is great!" Sure, we've put on couple of kilos (but, we're working on that :P).

We looked back and had a good laugh thinking of how my dear dad managed to have a heart attack on my wedding day and found himself in room full of Thais and pictures of his heart, then how the DJ at our wedding played "Tonight I'll celebrate My Love for You" - the cheesest song ever - as our entry song, while we requested the "Bare necessities" (that's right- Jungle Book), and how 1 hour before the wedding party we had a french fries party(XXL portions) in the hotel's resturant.

By the end of the day, Dad was back in the game, we were married, our best man was an uncle....and we were absolutely knaked.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So what about the kids ???

At our place is finished the paintings :) and the mother in law is on the way back to Romania in a few days.

Carmen said...

he he he...yeah, the kiddy talk started the very next day after the the wedding, but we don't wanna scare the singles out there....staaaal! big staaaal! (aka tragem o tzara de timp)

Anonymous said...

La multi ani nasilor!!!! Congratulations , I wish you to celebrate, as jung spiritually and happy as you are now, the 50'th aniversary.

Hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

LA MULTZI amu am venit si io de la service .si tata o zis sa scriem impreuna ,da vad ca ne-o luat-o altzi inainte.DA VOI SA FITZI SANATOSHI SI FERICITZI ..SI LA MULTZI ANI. Acuma o sa va scrie si tati .Tzucu-va Sufletu.
Carmenus, te rog sa traduci in romana ce ai scris acolo sub poze ca am un diferend cu mami ca nu stie sa traduca bine, si sa ne trimitzi pe e-mail.Va pup,Tati

Anonymous said...

You guys make the perfect couple.
Big Congratulations to both of you!!!!


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