Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Long time no post guys but, hurray!!! We're back!...we've had some rough times with the net, rushed over to get my Vietnamese Visa, went through some serious heat stroke evenings. All good now.

It's getting dangerous taking photos these days in Bangkok. There's some political unrest in Thailand, no sense of getting into it, but basically having a camera in your hands means you're with the press, and the protesters are after you. The peaceful locals in our neighbourhood even give you the eye like you're there to dig up the dirt. And today, we got busted!:)

The plan was to take some photos at the train station near by, but instead as soon as we arrived there the ticketing officers told Ake that photos are prohibited! What the heck! Since when? I saw trouble, so, while Ake was peacefully negociating our way out of it I stole couple shots.

That was the story of our 5 min photo trip. My hands were shaking with despair. Eventually, I had to resign my self and turn off the camera while monks were passing by, some cool looking indian women were leaning over train windows and the Thai kids were glacing at me from behind corners.

Well, you can't have it all!


georrge said...

train cooling system lies in that fan that's viewable in photos?

Carmen said...

Exactly!:) Third class , what can I say?:)