Friday, March 24, 2006

We've found a great Photo Album today just roaming around in one of Bangkok's bookstores (Kinokunya - Paragon, if you're in Bangkok) - Mei Mei, shootings at a Chinese Orphanage. What we really liked is that it showed kids laughing, crying, wipping buggers, playing ball, toes poaking out through socks....all black and white with a great human touch. I hate it when things are showed one-sided amplified to bring the public to tears.

Back again to the photo challenge of the week. Ake's work this time :)...I begged him to put on both versions...I'm partial to the Sepia...but Ake preffers the Dual Tone.

(Dual Tone)


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Anonymous said...

"but Ake preffers the Dual Tone. " - and so am I. Nice composition!