Monday, March 20, 2006

Nikoniada - Nikon Days In Bangkok

A great weekend for us here...Nikon put on a 4 day show. In the spotlight one of their hired photographers, HOW (that's his name - ironically it means YAWN in Thai :)) that gave talks and presentations on shooting, post processing, cracked jokes and entertain a hall full of photo lovers. Check some of his photos from his last, Incredible India trip.

Now, here's a job which all you photo lovers might fancy : being paid by Nikon to travel around the world and take photos. You make your own schedule, but you put on a show after 2-3 months of traveling. Ake's a faithful reader of his stories (Thai only), but skip that and How's gallery in well worth it. The guy's on horseback riding training for his next assigment: MONGOLIA. Rats! :) Some people have it all!

Also, as it turns out, one of the managers at Nikon Thailand is Ake's photo professor at the university. Great guy! How do you think we got the 400 euro discount on Nikon D200? Our guy knows a guy who can get things...:)))

Naturally, no show is complete without the mini skirts chicks parading around with compact cameras in their hands. It all part of the fun.

How & CO

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