Monday, March 06, 2006

Indian Eyebrow Threading

As I was saying, I put on a brave face and met up with some friends, well acquinted with Indian beauty secrets, to have my eyebrows threaded. You know you're getting close to an Indian shop when an overpowering incence greets you as you're getting closer.

I was only 15 min late, and to my dissapointment all three girls were already done. No turning back now, so in few minutes I was in a salon chair, head tilted way back and this woman working out magic with 2 pieces of cotton thread. I was trying to peek and see what's actually happening, but naturally I can't see my own eyebrows. Pain? Well, not too bad...Having said that, I shed a few tears, but loved the outcome.

As I'm admiring their work in the mirror, the 10 million question hits me:

"Sooo, what do you want us to do with the moustache?"...

A puzzled Carmen replies: "WHAT moustache?????"...

"Ahhh, RIGHT! No moustache!!!!"

For those of you living in Bangkok, the shop's in Sukhumvit Plaza, between Asok and Nana BTS stations (near Soi 12), ground floor.
(Eyebrow Threading = 60 baht)
Carmen :)

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Anonymous said...

hey...thanks a ton...
i was dying to get my brows done...
ne chance of a fone number of this place???