Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Did I mention it's boiling hot over here? So, naturally, all stores, shopping malls are cracking up (or down?) the aircon to a brrrr freezing 18 C. That's how I end up carrying a sweater with me ALL THE time. We're back our Thai Summer 45 - 18 game.

Forget about seeing a movie without a blanket/sleeping bag (I'm the one with sleeping bag). I know people that prepare in advance for movies. I'll be going: "Ahh... Dana, wanna joins us for movies?" ; the honest reply comes: "Sorry, socks, gloves and jumper are at home!"

That's also how everyone has a cold/sore throat while dripping into their slippers. That's Thai summer in Bangkok for you! All over!


Anonymous said...

Pai ,cum dragii nostri, la 18 grade e frig ? Noi de azi vara asteptam sa se faca macar 18 grade si la noi ca ce mult e mult he.. he.. Acum abia daca au fost 7-8 grade, si plouaaaaa ca in poeziile lui Bacovia ! Va pupam !

C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Oh, I remember ... sheesh, incredibly annoying. I don't understand why ... you're basically forced to either melt down outside or freeze inside.
This is one thing I don't like about Thailand public places.