Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Romanian Photographers

Ever since I started blogging I found some really cool sites packed with some fabulous photography, made in Romania. In no particular order, these are my favorites:

Vlad Mereutza

He's got a great eye for portraits and his last entries are really right in the heart of Transilvania. If I were to advertise Romania to foreigners, I'd use his photos, but then again, I'm transilvanian so I do have a soft spot there.

George Nicolae

We actually had the honor of seeing George at work. He definetly knows his stuff. He's got great compositions and superb landscapes. A maestro of post processing in photography. Love his work! Also, check his site for photo lessons...

Radu Gulie

Radu posts every couple of weeks, but it's always really good. He also doesn't say much...kind of like an "all action, no talk man"...I really like his low light series.

I, on the other hand, hanged the camera for few days, and I'm mentally prepping for Indian Style eyebrow threading (???) - aparently "the thing" to do for gorgeous eyebrows...painful, but entirely worth it! Sounds like a thing for women...why is there's always pain involved...? Honestly, I'm excited...a girls morning with Lisa. I had to go with someone, or else I would surely chicken out and have my hair washed and dried instead.:P

Back to Bangkok here...following Ake's shots at a tilted pagoda next to Bangkok.

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Anonymous said...

hey!cool!love the 4th and 5th one...also, the ones of the old bike on top of the roof is pretty smart, it's not the right light though...