Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wat PHO, Bangkok

We've been terribly lucky. Nikon Thailand had a huge sale, so we managed to upgrade to a mini-monster, Nikon D200. Ake's bursting with excitement ever since. We also sold our Nikon D70 (body only) to a guy Ake talked to on a Thai photo forum. We wanted to sell it with 800 euros (body and lens), but the guy insisted he only wanted the body for the same price, cause he was planning on buying a "bazooka" later on.

It was sort of funny, Ake trying to explain to the guy: "Man, this is not a good deal for you...". He couldn't get through. In the end, he gave up and invested the dow in acquiring our new baby, D200.

Following, Ake's photos at one of my favorite temples in Bangkok, Wat Pho.


Anonymous said...

great serie! give the man a hug!:)

Anonymous said...

white balance on the d200 looks much better. post some more photos please :)