Friday, March 17, 2006

Moving to Antarctica ;)

It's been unbearable these past weeks, to the point where I'm dripping on the way to work, running to the nearest mall for a cool drink, crashing in aircon rooms just to stay alive.

All our mini photo escapades were sold off for icy drinks or ice cream. There we were, coming back at night, once again defeated by the heat and I was playing with the camera as Ake was slaloming among Bangkok's traffic. I quite like the effects on the first lot (landscapes) when I sort of built up some courage, as Ake was prompting me to try new stuff. The second lot (protraits) are my first tries and well, it's good to see where one can start at this.

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C.i.p.r.i.a.n said...

Over here it's so cold, the coldest winter in the UK for a long time. It's mid march and we have temperatures like -1 0 1 Celsius. It's ridiculous. We beg for some sun and warmth!! Let's exchange places for a week :-)